What does it mean to be a Gold Member?

It means you have a heart of gold because you will be helping each and every one of the rescued animals that come through PRH on a monthly basis with as little as $10 a month. You are welcome to contribute more per month, of course, but we want you to know that no amount is too small and that every amount counts!

If only 200 people set up a recurring paypal charge of $10 per month, that would add up to $2000 a month for our sheltered friends. 

That would be an AWESOME start!

Daily operating costs are rarely covered by grants and never covered by the adoption fees alone. We rely on our Gold Members to help us maintain the high quaility of rescues, rehabs, and re-homing that we have today.

Know that 100% of your donation will go directly towards:

  • medical bills for injured and/or sick rescues
  • test costs for each dog
  • items needed for the onsite vet clinic such as oxygen tank refills
  • maintenance materials such as lumber to repair onsite buildings
  • water and electric bills for the shelter
  • website hosting bills
  • monies needed to fund our rescue efforts for dogs from puppy mills, etc.
  • payroll for our vet, vet tech, and operations manager

As a token of our appreciation and as a means to display your status, after 3 months of membership, our GOLD members will receive the following:

LEVEL 1 - $10 / month  

  • Gold Member Appreciation Giftsa PRH Gold Member sticker
  • subscription to the PRH newsletter           

LEVEL 2 - $20 / month    

  • a PRH Gold Member large coffee mug + sticker
  • subscription to the PRH newsletter        

LEVEL 3 - $40 / month

  • a PRH Gold Member stainless steel travel mug + sticker
  • subscription to the PRH newsletter

Level 4 - $50 + / month (you decide how much)

  • a PRH Gold Member canvas duffel bag + sticker
  • subscription to the PRH newsletter

The dogs NEED you! We NEED you! Join us TODAY!


Recurring Contributions for Poodle Rescue of Houston

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