Bentley (Jordan)
Adopted: Aug 05, 2017
We moved to Houston after medical school for residency training. We both grew up with family dogs and knew we wanted to adopt a rescue-pup to call our own. After many months of searching, we found the Poodle Rescue of Houston. The week leading up to Andrea's birthday, Dan had found the one! By some kind of birthday miracle, BENTLEY (formally known as Jordan to the PRH) appeared on the website. It was truly LOVE at first sight. We woke up early in the morning on adoption Saturday to make sure sure we were the first future pawrents there. We were greeted by the PRH's amazing staff, who lead us through the garden to wear we would soon meet the dog of our dreams. Our first interaction with him was priceless. He was friendly, trusting and as sweet as could be. It was obvious that he had been very well taken care of since being rescued 5 months prior. The staff explained to us that when he was found, he was diagnosed with severe heart worm that affected his heart and lungs. However, he successfully completed 3 months of rigorous treatment and had done well during the neutering and dental work procedures, indicating a good prognosis. The veterinarian at the Poodle Rescue of Houston is incredible. She, along with the rest of the staff, saved Bentley's life and dedicated 5 months of time and resources to nurse him back to health. We are so grateful to have been the ones to adopt such a special animal. We are proud to say that Bentley is 100% healthy, heart worm negative, and has been given a clean bill of health by the vet. He goes everywhere with us! He is a local celebrity in our neighborhood! He is also a great flyer - he loves to visit his grandparents in Miami! Most of all though, he simply loves to cuddle with us after a long day. It has been almost 8 months since we brought Bentley home, and our lives are changed forever. We cannot thank the wonderful people at the Poodle Rescue of Houston enough!
Daniel and Andrea


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