Pearl (Mrs. Snoopy)
Adopted: Jan 31, 2018
Pearl (Mrs. Snoopy) found her niche as soon as she was put down inside our door. After taking a self-directed tour of the house, she returned to the den where my husband had sat in his favorite chair and she jumped right up in his lap to join him. We had a poodle much like Pearl years ago, and this was also her favorite place. So, we are all very happy and Pearl is already thriving and running the household. She also loves her crate and her new bed and needs no one to tell her to go in it. If we are not paying direct attention to her, we know we will find her there. Pearl is the perfect fit for us and we hope to be the perfect fit for her forever also. Poodle Rescue comment: Thank you so much for giving this little girl such a great home!
James and Genie McLamore


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