Sam (Samba)
Adopted: Feb 11, 2017
Sam has brought us so much love and joy! His sweet and silly personality has really blossomed over the past 8 months. When we first adopted him, he was still very timid. While he bonded with us almost immediately, he would cry near other dogs, at the top of the stairs, (We had to carry him up and down.), and even near bicycles. After about 6 weeks, he finally conquered the stairs. With time and socialization classes, he became more comfortable with other dogs and more confident in general. Now he is happy poodle who loves playing with his squeaky friends, bully sticks, snuggling with his people, grilled salmon, banana, Sprinkles doggie cupcakes, visits to grandma's house, meeting other poodles, and bringing smiles to people in the neighborhood. He is smart, eager to please, and a bit klutzy, We recently celebrated his second birthday and look forward to many more years with our little man. We are extremely grateful to the Poodle Rescue of Houston for bringing Sam into our lives!
Katie & Doug


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