Joey (Mister)
Adopted: Aug 29, 2017
Joey (aka Mister when adopted) became part of our family March 2009 at the age of 8 and a half. He is now 17 years old. Joe picked my mom who came with me to select a companion dog. She had, as yet undiagnosed, vascular dementia, and she could not make up her mind about a female poodle, but she kept pointing at Joey. When the kind lady picked him up, Joey jumped into mom's arms, and the cuddling began. He picked mom and she picked him, and for the next 7 years he sat by her, pushing against her when he sensed her anxiety or sudden distress. It always pulled her out of it and brought a smile to her face. Mom passed Sept. 2016, and now Joey iis taking care of me. He is sweet, funny, bossy when hungry, cuddly and loving. In the picture (taken July 2017) he has a little white on his mouth-- cottage cheese treat. He has grown old with me but eats well, chases me around the house, and guards the house against all boogey men. Thank you all for the work you do for these angels, and thank you Joey for rescuing me.( PRH Comment: Thank you for this wonderful story.)


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