Candy Cane (same)
Adopted: May 20, 2016
We had lost our beloved pet and were heartbroken. We knew we had to replace her and wanted a little white poodle like we had when we first got married. We found out about Poodle Rescue from the internet and drove out there and when we told a volunteer what we were looking for she took us to where the dogs were, and sitting in a little crate looking at us and not moving was a little white poodle and even though she was shaved and had just recently been turned in as a stray I instantly knew she would look just like Prince did when her hair all grew out, and asked to hold her. I did and without even looking any more I told my husband that she was the one I wanted. Candy is a true delight-very social and friendly and makes friends out of everyone she comes into contact with. She is a treasure and she does look exactly like Prince did. She loves children, old people, everyone!! We couldn't ask for a better dog and everyone at Poodle Rescue was so helpful and nice too. They are the best!! (PRH comment: Thank you. Wonderful story!)
Jane and John


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