Baxter (Bob Dylan)
Adopted: Dec 26, 2013
We adopted Baxter on December 26, 2013. As we have watched him grow and change it has been more rewarding than we could imagine. In the beginning we just celebrated the fact he came when we called him and as he grew, we appreciated his playful nature running through the house with toys, leaving them everywhere. Now, our true joy comes the simple thing, watching him run across the yard to chase birds he can never catch, playing with the labrador retrievers next door, as if he is the same size, and seeing the joy in his eyes when he is being held. He loves the water in the Florida Keys with sunglasses in tow, hiking in Arkansas, and playing in the snow. We take him with us everywhere, camping trips to Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico and even flying him with us to Florida. He believes the world is his playground. After 3 1/2 years, Baxter is the center of our universe and we promised to give him the life he deserves. We cannot imagine life without Baxter.
Eve & Steve


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