Opal and Moka (yes I kept their names)
Adopted: May 16, 2017
After losing my three dogs in less than a month, I was so depressed. My boyfriend suggested we go to the shelters to find me another fur baby. Shelter #1, I cried through the entire walk through, because I felt guilty I couldn't take them all. Shelter #2 the same thing. We ended up at Poodle Rescue of Houston, and that is where I found my two loves. Opal (white, 13 years old now) was in the backroom with all the sick animals, blind, pregnant, stomach tumors and heart worms. Now she is blind and deaf with pancreatitis, but truly an amazing dog. She knows every inch of this 3 acres. EVERYONE loves Opal! Moka, was feral acting and hid most of the time under something. Years later, she is truly amazing, she didn't even know how to be a dog. (Puppy mill dog). She is the kookiest, happiest dog ever. I only adopt the dogs nobody wants because of special needs, expensive but worth it. I was raised with poodles and they are so smart and personable. Thank you Poodle Rescue.


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