Fiona and Sunny (Same)
Adopted: Jun 25, 2014
We adopted Fiona first on 06/25/14 and Sunny on 11/06/15. Both are sweethearts and we can't imagine them not being a part of our family. They have brought such joy to our family. They are very, very loved and spoiled. About Sunny- after we adopted Fiona, we expressed interest in adopting a senior or special needs dog. PRH contacted us in hopes we would adopt Sunny. She has mammary cancer and quite frankly they were just looking for a home for her to live out whatever time she had remaining. As she has a heart murmur, surgery is not the best option. Here we are, 18 months later, and she is still going strong- she has doubled her weight and is a little ball of fire. Thank you for saving "our girls".
Charleen and Terry Williams


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