Tinker (Tink)
Adopted: Nov 03, 2007
We adopted little four-pound Tinker in November 2007 from Poodle Rescue of Houston. She was about 9 months old when we adopted her and she had been diagnosed at A&M with tetralogy of Fallot, a very serious complex of congenital heart conditions. There's no cure or treatment for a tiny dog with tetralogy of Fallot. The vet at Poodle Rescue warned us she might live two years at the most. Even though we knew the challenges she would face, we brought her into our family and she has been the perfect little companion. Fast forward to 2017 and tiny Tink is now 10 years old, healthy and thriving (and maybe just a little spoiled)! She's adapted to her heart condition and goes up and down stairs numerous times a day, chases the cat and our granddaughter, and loves long walks, although she has a very pronounced heart murmur. ​She travels everywhere with us and rules the roost at home, keeping our 12-pound cat in line. She loves children and babies! Everyone adores her, strangers ask about her, and she's been a great little ambassador for Poodle Rescue of Houston. Tinker may not have been born with the strongest little heart, but it has certainly proven to be the biggest loving heart!
Betty and Tom


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