Brody (Brady)
Adopted: May 01, 2014
Brody was adopted into our family and we love that he is best friends with our cat, and bull dog. He is so smart! He plays games, he knows, many commands, he plays dead, being a rescue he was very timid at first, but soon came to know we would never harm or hurt him. In fact, he can be seen at Home Depot, Lowes, Nordstrom and Petsmart, he has been on countless family trips across the country, and mostly to visit his sister at Texas Tech and in Washington DC. He has flown in a carrier on United before, he loves to ride on the golf cart and his favorite sport is boating! He always has his lifejacket on around the water and in the water, I think he feels just as "rescued as we do". Brody is the best 4 legged family member we have ever had!
Dale and Christie Crawford


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