Vince (Alcide)
Adopted: Apr 29, 2012
It's been 5 years since I adopted "Vince" - aka Alcide from the PRH and I wanted to share with you that he's been the most incomparable companion, loyal friend, and unquestioned love of my life, and for that I am forever in the debt of the PRH. A lifelong poodle lover, Alcide was my first rescue and I can say, to be able to experience the love of a dog you rescued has opened up a new understanding of the concept of love and responsibility for me, and I've cherished every second of the 5 years I've gotten to spend caring for Alcide and I will cherish every second of the many years I hope to have him. Alcide was believed to have been about 5 when I got him and within the month I signed him up for pet insurance, something I would encourage every pet owner to do. Six months after his adoption, Alcide experienced a traumatic back disease affecting his verterbrae and spinal cord that threatened to paralyze him, but thanks to the pet insurance, I was able to get him the finest care and after a spinal tap, an MRI, and 5 hours of intense back surgery by a veterinary nuerologist, he came out of surgery and we spent the next month inseparable as I cared for him while he regained movement. It's incredible how quickly dogs can heal from traumatic injuries and surgery as within 2 months he was running around as if he were a puppy. Alcide has since become a moderately Instagram famous (you can follow him @alcidemoose) and enjoys bowties, patios, and weekend brunch more than any human I know. Please see a few pictures of him and how happy and handsome he is. Thank you so much for the service you do for our community's poodles and the families who's lives are forever changed by the gift of their presence.Forever indebted, Kathryn


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