Lily Bird (Chassie)
Adopted: Aug 01, 2015
Merry Christmas to all my friends at Poodle Rescue of Houston. You might remember me - I stayed with you for several months cause I was a stray, hadn’t seen a bath in months and had squiggly things in my tummy. You helped me get better and named me Chassie. I adopted my forever mom in August 2015 when she came to PRH looking for a friend. When we got home she said I was as sweet as a flower and changed my name to Lily. One day at the vet’s office we found out that Lily was a popular name, so I needed a middle name. She said I acted just like a little bird, so my name became Lily Bird. I think it’s cute and run to give her hugs every time she calls me. My mom and I play lots of games (I enjoy dress-up), take long naps and watch lots of Christmas movies. When we go out of the house, I am always on my best behavior cause I like it when people say I am adorable. My mom always says I am adorable, loveable and beautiful, and always tells me she is so glad I adopted her. We’ve been together a year now, and it feels like we’ve been best friends forever. Thank you so much for bringing us together. My wish for Christmas is that lots of other little dogs find their forever moms and dads soon, so they can all have as much love as we do.


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