Lucy Lou (Clover)
Adopted: Aug 03, 2020
Hi! I'm Lucy Lou. I was a sad little dog on the streets of Houston until someone brought me to Poodle Rescue, even though I'm a miniature schnauzer. Guinnette took me in, and fixed me up. EXACTLY one year ago today (8/3/2021) Guinnette took me to the airport. Mommy had come all the way from the San Francisco Bay area to rescue me. I had a scary flight back, but I ran in the house and jumped in my new doggy bed. I knew right away I was home. We have such fun-we go hiking, and to the beach and to the doggy park and I have a large backyard to play in. I love attacking and shaking my toys, too. I am a really happy, active dog, and mommy says thank you, thank you, thank you !!! for helping us get together. She says I bring such joy to her life.


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