Beaux Jacques (Bud)
Adopted: May 13, 2021
After loosing our golden lab to a rare blood disease, our family of 8 found our lives missing her terribly. We knew we needed another family member to help us with this void and we searched for what seemed like years for a new family member. We had adopted our first dog from a humane society and had such a wonderful experience. We wanted to adopt again through a rescue or humane society. We expected it to be a painless experience. Unfortunately, it seems we were looking at the same time as the rest of the Houston Metro area. My sister had adopted her poodle from Poodle Rescue many years ago, so I was familiar with the organization. I searched many sites throughout the Texas region, put in many applications, most came back as not a good fit because we have kids ranging from 3 years to 16. Even though we are experienced dog owners, it wasn't that easy. Fosters and such were nervous about how a dog might behave around our younger children. I finally applied for a dog that appeared as available at poodle rescue and figured nothing would come of it. Until, one morning, Guinnette was kind enough to call me. Though the dog I originally applied for wasn't available, she had another dog in mind. I immediately made arrangements for our family to meet "Bud" and we knew, upon our introduction, he was a great match for us! He was called "Bud" at the rescue but we named him "Beaux Jacques." He has been such a blessing to our family and I can't thank Guinnette enough for giving our family this opportunity. He is such a wonderful dog! Though still considered a puppy, we can tell he had pretty good training from his original owner. We are starting to notice how much he likes to cuddle. He weighs nearly 57 pounds and loves all of our children. He sleeps in his crate each night and wakes each morning by going to wake up each child with a tail wag and kisses. He loves playing basketball and soccer with our three sons. He'll watch so intently from the window if he's not allowed out. He is also a great swimmer and doesn't like it if a child is in the water without him. He'll let us know if something isn't right. He's rewarded daily with a bully stick at nap time and peanut butter flavored treats. We spoil him for sure! He is a great host for our guests. Although he alerts us to people at the door, he'll greet everyone with lots of attention and tail wags. He hasn't met anyone he doesn't like....thank goodness. Overall, we are so in love with this good boy and can't thank the Poodle Rescue of Houston enough for giving us the honor of having Beaux as a part of our family. He is loved so much and is living his best life for sure!
Catherine and Brian


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