Rena (Jasmine)
Adopted: Jun 15, 2013
Back in 2013, I adopted Rena (formerly Jasmine) when I first moved to Houston with my family. I remember her licking at my hand and ever since then, she has not stopped licking. (I bought a licking mat for her to do all her licking) Throughout these many years, she has used her poodle brain to trick my family and any guests into giving her treats. After I taught her party tricks seven years ago, she will not stop sitting pretty and rolling over to demand treats. Some highlights of these years include my dad trying to groom her and resulting in a receding hairline. People at the park called her ugly and my dad decided to leave her grooming to the professionals. Rena’s daily routine consists of sun bathing, napping in a variety of locations, and the usual walk around the neighborhood. She is very good at communicating. Whenever she wants pets, she nudges my phone out of hand to reach my hand. Sometimes, we call her a bath mat because of how fluffy she is. It has been quite the journey with Rena. I first met her as a young high schooler and now I am a grown adult with a full time job. We have experienced loss and grief together. During some of my mom’s final moments in hospice, she called for curly curly in Vietnamese. She was calling for our dog. We picked Rena up to show her and she smiled. This really meant a lot because she could not communicate at that point. Nonetheless, I am very grateful for meeting Rena and having her in my life. I hope to enjoy many more years with her (haha maybe I’ll adopt another dog one day to keep Rena company). Currently, she is laying beside me sleeping and taking up my pillow.


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