Adopted: Dec 23, 2017
We lost our rescue standard poodle, Dusty, in November 2015. For the next two years, I kept saying we weren't going to get another dog! But, every time David saw a pet commercial on TV, he'd say: "I want a puppy! I want a puppy!" in the most pitiful sounding voice. It was SO irritating. I kept saying "no" over and over again, but he didn't stop. So, the day before his 87th birthday, I relented and took our daughter with me to shop for David a birthday poodle as a surprise gift. Scooter, who is true to his name, has been a joy to have and absolutely loves David. The feeling is mutual, I'm sure! PRH Comment: Thanks for sharing your story about life with Scooter. Also thanks for giving him the loving, caring home that every dog deserves.
Carolyn & David


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