The following are the steps you must take before adoption is complete:

  1. Make sure the Prerequisites have been met.

  2. On adoption day, visit the dogs in our program that have been vetted and are ready and available to go to loving homes. 

    NOTE: We are open for adoptions on Saturdays from 11am-3pm and by appointment on Mondays through Wednesdays. We have a first come, first served policy on Saturdays.  We achieve this by using a number system. QUALIFIED and APPROVED adopters possessing the lowest number will have the opportunity to visit and apply for a SINGLE DOG of their choice from the remaining available dogs. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to make rare exceptions to this policy. Numbers are issued to visitors in order of arrival and may be obtained on Saturday mornings as early as 7am in the lobby of Prestonwood Kennels. 

    Once visitors obtain a number, it is not necessary that they wait around just so long as they are present with a number at our 11am gate opening time.

    At opening time, visitors are served in the order of their numbers.  After 11 am, numbers may be obtained - if necessary - under the check-in tent in the magic garden.

  3. Make an adoption decision.

  4. Be interviewed by one of our adoption counselors. If our counselors agree that an adoption will be successful, proceed to step 5. PRH is committed to making sure that there will be a good fit between potential adopters and our rescue dogs.

  5. Fill out the PRH Adoption Application ( We do NOT offer this online) 

  6. Pay the full adoption fee.

  7. Take your new dog home!


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