100% of our adoption fees go to the care and well-being of our dogs. The fact is that the cost of our operation exceeds the adoption fees that we collect. We rely on the generosity of our loyal supporters to make up the difference, along with a limited number of grants. In our 20+ years of operation no officer, director or volunteer of our organization has ever been compensated in any way.

Few rescues or public shelters provide the level of veterinary care  and rehabilitation for their animals that we do at PRH.

Before dogs are released for adoption, they are:

  • healthy (if injured or sick, they receive veterinary treatment until healthy)
  • spayed or neutered
  • heartworm tested and treated if positive
  • parasite negative, both internal and external
  • current on all vaccinations and preventative medicines
  • microchipped
  • bathed and groomed

Based upon the cost of obtaining similar services from a commercial veterinarian, our adoption fees are a bargain ~ and most often do NOT cover the cost of the dog's rehabilitation

  • Adoption fees vary at Poodle Rescue of Houston. Normally, miniatures are $360.
  • Puppies and other highly desirable dogs such as Toy Poodles and Standard Poodles are higher and can be as much as $610.
  • Fees for senior and special needs dogs can be less and are often waived altogether.

PRH accepts: cash, Visa or Mastercard.