Effective immediately, Poodle Rescue of Houston is making some positive and welcome changes to our adoption process. These changes will be phased in over an estimated 3-4-week period. Some changes will take effect immediately while others will take effect as soon as we are able to modify our website and other internet resources to accommodate the new procedures.

What Has Changed:

The “first come, first served” number system is immediately discontinued. Hereafter, adoptions will be handled by appointment only.

  • For now, prospective adopters should call 713-504-1224 to schedule an appointment to visit and potentially adopt any of our available dogs. 
  • As soon as possible, we will publish on our website a simple online Registration Form that will be completed and submitted by prospective adopters. That Registration Form will collect contact information and a few short sentences about prospective adopters, their family and their current or most recent dog. In addition, their expectations and preferences for their next dog will be solicited. They will be asked for the best time to call.
  • As soon as the online Registration Form has been published and enough prospective adopters have had time to submit their information, we will begin to call them for a friendly telephone interview and to schedule private appointments to visit and potentially adopt the dog they are interested in.

What Will Not Change

We will continue to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome as many Poodles, Poodle Mixes and “Honorary Poodles” as our resources allow. We do not expect a statistically significant change in the number of dogs we make available for adoption. 

  • Our established level of excellence in the veterinary care and social enrichment that we provide for all our rescue dogs will not change. 
  • We will continue to add new available dogs every week to our website and Petfinder listings.
  • We will continue to provide adoption counselling as well as pre and post adoption support to our adopters. After all, we consider them part of our family.

Why Are We Changing the Adoption Process?

The first come, first served number system was inconvenient, unwieldy, unpopular and had to go. We believe that the new process will allow us to better achieve our guiding principles: finding the right dog for the family or individual and finding the right family or individual for the dog. 

NOTE: Please don't email us about the available dogs unless you have carefully read their entire listing, including their written description. We spend a lot of time writing these descriptions and they contain everything we know about any particular dog. We have a limited number of volunteers and we simply cannot keep up with a high volume of email. We do not publish adoption fees for specific dogs. A discussion of our adoption fees can be found at under "steps2adoption/FAQs". If you feel you have a question that simply MUST be answered please call 713-504-1224 from 7am-7pm seven days a week.  

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