President Guinnette Peebles is ready to retire. That’s me! Poodle Rescue’s facility is located on our private property. My husband and I donated the use of a portion of our property 20 years ago. We started from our garage and grew. It has been a rewarding adventure, to say the least. Together we have rehabilitated and adopted over 5000 poodles and poodle mixes to the very finest of owners into the best homes imaginable, matching each dog into carefully selected homes. We always had more Five Star homes than poodles to go around. We will never forget the pictures, videos and cards and the incredible relationships that have formed into friendships. Most of all the thousands of dogs I have loved. I remember every single one of them, they will live forever deep in the heart of my soul. These are my rewards that made the hard work all worthwhile. But above all that, I want to thank my best friend Karl Schroeder who held my hand to help me through trying times and tried to teach me how to use a d… computer. I want to Thank John Kane for being there when I needed him most. I also want to thank two incredible veterinarians: Dr. Thurstin and Dr. Wysocki that worked at our on site clinic.
Last but not least my friend “Jan” and all of our financial contributors, donors and supporters and those too many to mention. For without you, nothing could have been accomplished!

We have taken in and adopted our last dogs. The bills are paid. We don’t want or need any further donations. Any remaining money and physical assets
will be distributed to Non Profit 501(c)(3)
Animal Charities. The guidelines and rules of the IRS that govern the dissolution of a 501(c)(3) Charity will be followed. As always Officers and Directors will not receive compensation in any form.
   Remember nothing was lost and everything was gained for the dogs we saved!

   As for me, my extra time will be spent on the business end of our pet resort, riding horses with my friends and fishing.

 Farewell My Friends